I wrote this article in (2012), and the boots in the picture are the ones that housed my feet when I was a corps member serving my country Nigeria in Sokoto state. Yes! Sokoto state was the place where I met and teamed up with great men/women of destiny and we executed Project LXGA360 (League of eXtraordinary Great Achievers – 360); a one day Corporate Leaders and Entrepreneurs’ Summit, with three speakers expounding on the theme “21st Century Corporate Leaders; how they think; what they do; and how they do it?” (well, that is a story for another day.)

I will like to share with you 11 Commandments for a failing Corps Member. Strategies guaranteed to leave one in a stagnant position in life,  if not even worse than (s)he was before enrolling for National Youth Service Corp:
1. Do not have at least 10 things you desire to achieve for the 1 year service period. Call it too ambitious, just make a flimsy excuse and live your life to chance.
2. Allow your choices and judgments to be based on your five senses and not your heart, always satisfy the crave for your five senses.
3. Spend money on all your desires before saving what is left.
4. Make limitless travels for every occasion that comes up from home and friends, even the naming ceremony of your puppy. Just find an excuse to travel and be on the road or in the air all the time and avoid time to reflect, develop and plan for the next phase of your life.
5. Ensure not to read your bible and at least five other book for the one year period but watch movies/ football matches  abundantly. Better still plan for 10 books but ensure not to act on your plans.
6. Do nothing to positively affect at least 10 people; be them corp members serving in your host community or indigene of your host community.
7. Make sure the picture of your future remains blur and uncertain and choose to stay localized and influenced by stagnating habits and most importantly, refuse to develop yourself and strongly rely on the promises of a job offer from your parents and relatives.
8. Have little or no value for time and always dive into the pool of an unplanned day. It will always take you to a destination; NOWHERE!
9. Associate with lazy people who take no thought on multiplying their resources especially when the returns come in bits, they rather choose to always wait for federal government pinging (bank-sms-alert)
10. Ensure to keep commandments 1 – 9

11. Always whine that you were posted to an undesired state and avoid looking for the opportunities that abound within the state you have been posted to.

What did you read, opportunity is nowhere or opportunity is now here? What you get out of life is as a result of the perspective you view life from, some say things are not working fine yet others are enjoying from the same life. Your change comes when you gain the proper perspective to life.

I will really like to know what your thoughts are on this post. Just leave your comments below, thanks.

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My name is Edward Enejoh. I am a Leadership Alchemist and Digital Strategist. I inspire and educate individuals and business owners on how to succeed in life and thrive in a digital world. I believe there is a leader in you; allow me to help you make a difference to your world, gain relevance and grow your influence

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