18 Tips to Make This Year Your Best Year Yet

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your best days.  It is 2018 and many people have written goals and made New Year resolutions for the year. Not that it is the size of our list that makes the year a great one for us but rather the actions we take towards making the goals a reality. Now, that is the hard part. That said, it won’t be crime to revisit your last year goals that you could not accomplish and rather tweak them in such a way that you can commit and dedicate your time towards achieving them.  One of the decisions I made this year is to become grow my online brand and also get better at blogging, so I decided to start the year with a blogging challenge for the first month of the year. So, for the rest of this month, I will be posting daily. In this blog post, I am going to share with you 18 Tips to make this year your best year yet.

  1. It’s not about what you Know but what you do with what you Know
  2. Do not waste your time setting those stereotyped SMART goals, but set goals that are yours, that truly inspire you to become more
  3. On every goal you set, identify at least three to five steps you need to take to accomplish it
  4. Break your goals into quarters, have 30 days goals, 90 day goals. Short term goals have more tendency to be achieved faster, also you fell less overwhelmed when you set short term goals.
  5. To accomplish your goals requires a shift in mental attitude and a determination to go through the process of working them out. (That is where a lot of people fail)
  6. If you do not raise your standards, change your habits and demand more from your self, be prepared to live the same previous year again (or even lesser than the previous year)
  7. Every night before you sleep; ask yourself “What are the five things I must accomplish in the following day that will move me closer to my dream”? Outline them and make sure you accomplish all of them.
  8. What you fear places a limit on you. To reveal the audacious-you, you must determine to dare and confront your fears. When you do, you will realise they were not really that scary.
  9. If you keep a day job, I dare you to start a side business in line with your gift/talent. It won’t only be an extra stream of income; you become more alive and creative when you express your genius in the place of your gift. This will make you live more fully
  10. Consciously connect or build a relationship with three influential people in your field of business or career
  11. Be more deliberate in building your personal brand (on line and off line), especially in this social media age. A well-built brand can take you places beyond your imagination
  12. If you will make this year, count you will need to be more focused. Less distractions for you
  13. Watch less TV and read more. If you find it difficult to read, listen to audio books or read summaries of books. A good way to start is Blinkist
  14. Research the top ten skill in your industry and build on three of them
  15. Overcome the habit of procrastination
  16. Get someone to hold you accountable towards accomplishing the thing you consider important in your life
  17. Spend time to build real connection with the people that matter (Like family, friends and loved ones) and not on social media with people who care less
  18. Be more audacious and authentic. Dare things you fear, you will become more confident.

Of course there more than just 18 tips to make 2018 your best year yet, but I just narrowed down to these, I would like to know your favourite tip. And if there is a tip that you practice let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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