21 Lessons from the Motivation Manifesto

I got the Motivation manifesto not long after Brendon Buchard published it. It is one of the books that I can say really influenced my perspective in 2015. Its essence is beyond the name; it is simply remarkable. The hands to pick this book to read will certainly not be same hands that drops it. It is my culture to highlight points that resonate with me whenever I read. This post comprises of 21 lessons that will transform your life for good. The book is written in a simple manner but holds profound lessons of life.

I urge you to grab a copy and read for yourself. But until then, enjoy these lessons and reflect about your life.
1. The greatest of human powers is the ability to independently think for ourselves, to choose our aims affections, and actions.
2. The natural foe to life is not a distant death, but a present, in-the-moment detachment from living.
3. A life of great joy, power, and satisfaction awaits those who consciously design their life.
4. Without self-mastery, we are slaves to fear. With it, greatness and transcendence are ours
5. We must never forget that we are not the sum our intentions but of our actions.
6. Bold and disciplined initiatives is our saviour; it allows us to rise, to leap, to soar to the heights of true greatness
7. There are only two things that can change our lives: either something new comes into our lives, or something new comes from within. Let us not hope for mere chance to change our story; let us summon the courage to change it ourselves
8. It is only in active self-expression and pursuit of our own aims that we can become free
9. The more we are true to ourselves, the more we connect with and contribute to the world.
10. To achieve and sustain personal freedom, we must dedicate ourselves to self-mastery; we must determine and discipline our own motivations to stay true to our own sense of self, to our own path
11. The way we can free ourselves from the slavery of our history is by engaging in conscious thoughts and disciplined habits.
12. With enough time, effort, and dedication we can learn most of what we need to succeed.
13. To focus on the pursuit of our dream is to crown our destiny with greatness, but to focus on our weaknesses is to crown fear as king over or destiny. The agenda of fear has always been uncertainty, un-fulfillment, stagnation and poverty.
14. The mother of motivation is choice; we feel motivated because we choose to, not because the sun happens to shine on our side of the street
15. If we are clear and committed, we will feel high levels of motivation. If we are unclear or uncommitted, motivation will be low.
16. By deeply contemplating higher aims, we energise ourselves to pursue them. Therefore, do not hope for motivation; choose an ambition to become motivated for. Fix on a dream and believe that it will see daylight and soon a great swell of enthusiasm will enliven you.
17. This is the obvious equation and ultimate secret: the deeper and longer I give attention to my ambitions and passions, the more motivated I feel
18. We cannot attract or have that which we do not act towards.
19. Greatness belongs to those who have mastered the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambitions and act decisively towards them
20. Motivation is not an impulse of the body or a personality trait, it is an intention and will of the free and conscious mind
21. Only in choosing to energize yourself will you finally go out into the world, discover who you are, grow, actualize your dreams and become free and great.
I hope you have been inspired by this post. What are the points that charged the greatness in you? I will like to know so feel free to leave your comments below. You know, you just might be saving a dream by sharing this post with your friends.
Thanks for reading as always.

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