So I agree, I am an addicted learner and in most of my books, I use highlighters.  I even have writing pads where I write some of my striking and life transforming thoughts. Today I will share some of my treasured thoughts with you, these powerful thoughts have the ability to cause a paradigm shift in your life, business and career. They have helped in transforming mine and I believe they would help you do same. Enjoy them and remember to share with your friends and loved ones.

  1. The hand that picked up a book and read it is never the same hand that drops it.
  2. The seduction of safety is more dangerous than the perception of uncertainty. Growth lies behind your fears – Farrah Gray
  3. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the people who do – Apple
  4. Knowing how to read and not reading is almost the same thing as not knowing how to read
  5. The fastest way to double your income is to triple your investment in learning & self improvement – Robin Sharma
  6. If you want to make an impact, start with yourself – John C. Maxwell
  7. The marketplace will always discipline people who aren’t prepared.
  8. Self belief is the catalyst for spectacular result
  9. Saying something a thousand times is not as powerful as doing it once – Japanese Proverb
  10. Clarity precedes success
  11. To have the results very few people have, you must begin to live as very few people live
  12. Your days are your life in miniature, as you live each day, so you live your life – Robin Sharma
  13. Vision without action is a day dream, action without vision is a nightmare. You need to wake up and get to work
  14. Every expert was once an armature and every master was once a beginner – Robin Sharma
  15. Enjoy the present but take good care of the future, you will spend the rest of your life there
  16. Self confidence is born out of high self esteem
  17. It is important to note that aspiring to be, is not the same as goal-setting
  18. If you want success, you must plan for success rather than just waiting for it to fall out of the sky; that’s planning for failure.
  19. Leadership is much less about what you do, it is about who you are – Frances Hesselbein
  20. When you imbibe a new idea; start a new life or job, you must learn to nourish it. Imagine you ask a mother who just gave birth to a baby ” where is your baby?” and she replied, ” I have no idea” – Jim Rhon
  21. The economic emergency to “No-Employment” is “Self-Employment/Entrepreneurship”
  22. Beware of the thief on the street after your purse but also beware of the thief fear in you mind that is after your dreams.
  23. Authority and opportunity flows to the one that knows
  24. Knowledge capital is the future determinant of strategic competitiveness and capabilities.
  25. You can’t win a game that you don’t even dare to play
  26. The things that gets schedules are the things that gets done
  27. Focus plus daily improvement plus time equals genius
  28. You can not reap success by talking and thinking failure
  29. Your values are the soul of your leadership, they drive your behaviour – John C. Maxwell
  30. It is not difficult to be a failure, all you have to do is to daydream
  31. Allow no day to go by in which you have not improved yourself
I hope you found them thought provoking, don’t let the fire go out, get to work, take action and watch your dreams and goals rise like the sun. I am sure that the person who started reading this post is not the same after reading 31st thought. Go make a difference.
Always your fan and committed to help you make a difference.

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My name is Edward Enejoh. I am a Leadership Alchemist and Digital Strategist. I inspire and educate individuals and business owners on how to succeed in life and thrive in a digital world. I believe there is a leader in you; allow me to help you make a difference to your world, gain relevance and grow your influence

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