In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” – Anthony Robins

Hi, my name is Edward Enejoh. I am a Leadership Alchemist, Content Marketing and Business Strategist. My mission is to inspire and educate people on how to succeed in life and thrive in a digital world. I achieve this by helping aspiring leaders ignite their passion, gain clarity on their unique gifts so they can can master the way of serving their gift and message to their world. I believe there is a leader in you; allow me to help you make a difference to your world, gain relevance and grow your influence.

If you have a dream that you deeply believe in and have the courage to become the person worthy of it, then you can belong to the category of people making a difference in their world. I am here to help you Believe Become and Belong!

I have always believed that we as humans can live extraordinary lives, we could dare to become more than whatever background we were born into. I aspired to be a person who will deliver value in my community by helping people achieve their dream. I was determined to help people believe that they can become the person they aspire to be and ultimately belong to the category of people who are making a difference in their world.

The book you don’t read won’t help you – Jim Rohn

I noticed that people frequently came to me asking that I help them clarify their purpose or counsel them on how to run their business so I engaged myself in reading books so that I could effectively coach them. I ventured into Psychology, Productivity, Leadership, Spirituality, Team Building, High Performance, Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding.

Over the years, I have been privileged to lead a team of seven to execute a conference that impacted the lives of over 100 people; I have experienced what it means to be employed into a profession that I knew nothing about but was later confirmed 9 months later and also received a promotion to a level above my initial employment position. I make bold to say that you can make a difference from where you are and in what you do. On this blog, I will show you how.

What you will learn on this Blog

On this blog, I share with you principles and strategies of over a decade worth of study and research that will help you ignite your passion so you can achieve your life goals and live an extraordinary successful life. I blog about

  • Leadership
  • Business Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Branding
  • High Performance and Productivity
  • Smartpreneurship

Some Awards.                                      

In 2007, I won the Best Graduation Student Award from the Creativity at the “School of Destiny” organised by the Fellowship of Christian Students, Federal University of Technology, Niger State-Nigeria.

In 2010, I won the “Gifted-Mind Award” for remarkable results in Creativity and Excellence; from the Seed of Salem Family; 2010 graduating students from the Fellowship of Christian Students, Federal University of Technology, Niger State-Nigeria.

On a Personal Note

I am an ENFJ-A Extraverted, Feeler, Judge, Assertive. “The Protagonist”  I am a Diplomat with a knack for People Mastery. I studied Physics/Electronics in my first degree (technically, I have the mind of a scientist);

I am the Lead Consultant at NobleHerald Resources Company; a Content Marketing and Brand Communication organisation. I also am a faculty member with AfriGrowth Academy, iCentra Academy.

I am married to Dolapo Enejoh and we have a cute daughter Jemimah Enejoh.

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