21 Lessons from the Motivation Manifesto

21 Lessons from the Motivation Manifesto

I got the Motivation manifesto not long after Brendon Buchard published it. It is one of the books that I can say really influenced my perspective in 2015. Its essence is beyond the name; it is simply remarkable. The hands to pick this book to read will certainly not be same hands that drops it. It […]

Why I started my blog and How you too can start yours

I wasn’t much of a reader but when I later discovered the place of personal development, my appetite for learning went through the roof. I just went all out to reading things in the areas of my interest like leadership, branding, excellence, personal development, money, relationship etc. Through personal development, I was able to build my […]

How to overcome dream inhibitors

Most remarkable dreams always seem impossible at first, but through faith, courage, desire, and persistence we can birth the impossible. Its often found that passion and enthusiasm to achieve the impossible declines after a few weeks due. Why do people feel this? This feeling can be attributed to lack of clarity. Clarity is sustained by a strong reason […]

31 Life-Changing Quotes

So I agree, I am an addicted learner and in most of my books, I use highlighters.  I even have writing pads where I write some of my striking and life transforming thoughts. Today I will share some of my treasured thoughts with you, these powerful thoughts have the ability to cause a paradigm shift in your life, business and career. […]

4 Lessons from my two years in Consulting

I just completed my second year in consulting. I joined the institute of workforce development (IWDev) on the 1st of April 2013, IWDev is one of Nigeria’s leading consulting firm in policy development, research, governance performance system, organizational re-Invention/transformation and governance, public sector leadership capacity building and implementation of cutting edge strategy. It has been an […]

11 Commandments for a failing Corps Member

I wrote this article in (2012), and the boots in the picture are the ones that housed my feet when I was a corps member serving my country Nigeria in Sokoto state. Yes! Sokoto state was the place where I met and teamed up with great men/women of destiny and we executed Project LXGA360 (League of eXtraordinary Great […]

To Save Nigeria, Build an Ark!

In Nigeria today, when it comes to the matters of Politics and the Economy, many seem to point their fingers at corruption, political gimmicks and ethnic differences as the bedrock of the state we find the nation. Well, like a coin that has two sides, you can either choose the head or the tail. In […]