Dealing with the Fear of the Unknown

About four years ago, I was in a dilemma.

I courted my wife for a year and three months. We started preparations for our wedding which took place in November but in July of the same year, I lost my job.

I was worried about the loss and fear crept into my life.

The fear of “how do I start a new family without a job”

Did I say my wife was a job seeker too? Yes she was, it was not a palatable state at all.

I was so afraid that I wanted to call off the wedding but then I had to pour out my heart to God in the place of prayer and right there, God told me “Son, I do not need to consult your purse or account to do that which I have planned”!

It was as if the word lifted a burden from my heart and since I heard that word, the” fear of the unknown” began to disappear.

Surprisingly, my wedding came out a success and it was debt free. Two months after wedding, I got a job I did not apply for and today my wife and I have changed jobs. Overcoming the fear of the unknown became a blessing.

Dear friends, fear covers our faces from the reality of what God has for us. Whenever you are confronted with the fear of whatsoever, sit down and get a word from God, His word builds up faith that terminates fear just like light terminates darkness!

Stand up and confront your fear, because what you don’t confront you can’t conquer!

Femi Oluyemi is a speaker, trainer and security expert. His driven with a mission to help young and vibrant minds discover, activate and deliver. He blogs at You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on @iamfemioluyemi

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