How I Broke Up with the Fear of Making Marital Commitment

Today marks seven hundred and thirty one days that I have lived and communed with my remarkable wife.  It is awesome to think that Two years ago on the 14th of November, 2015, we both made an eternal commitment to God that we will both live with each other all the days of our life.

Today is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Just before you get engrossed in the Glory kindly take out a few minutes to read the story behind the Glory.

I believe you have had these quote “You can’t choose your Parent” and “You cannot decide which family you will be raised”

The truth is God blessed me with wonderful parents…. who made a decision to raise a great family. I am the first of Four Children; we are three boys and a girl.

However like I earlier said I am blessed to be a part of my parents life Dad and Mum are such a wonderful couple, they are an example for us to follow as children, an epitome of what a God centered Marriage should look like. They were such an envy to their contemporaries. Guess what? I wanted to get married because I enjoyed what I saw at home. Dad and Mom spent over 23years together I remember Dad calling Mum “CHI” and Mum calling Dad “HEART”. It was a wonderful union to behold. Let me spare you the whole love gist if you need some more buzz me.

Fast forward to a certain Wednesday 19th of April by 4am on a certain year best known to me and those close to the family, Mum went to be with the Lord. At this point it was like wow. You mean this God fearing Light Complexioned Beautiful mother and wife was no more, it was so difficult to bear, and we could not come to terms that the mother of the House was no more.

Here came the Question: Is This What Marriage Is All About? You marry today and in a few short years one dies? This question got me to a state of being gamophobic.

At this point I was afraid of making commitments relationship wise. It was such a difficult one. I tried at some point to make a commitment I messed it up because I was engulfed with fear. Seeing how death ended the wonderful union between my mum and dad, I kind of whispered within me if this is how marriage will end then it is better not to marry at all.

However it continued until a certain day in 2012 we had a fellowship on the Mount just like the one Jesus had with His Disciples, I guess you remember the famous “Sermon on the Mount” While on the mount, Somehow by the leading of the Holy Spirit prayers were made specifically for singles who were due to get married. Guess what, right under my breath I said this prayer is definitely not for me. At the end of the Fellowship I heard in my Spirit did you climb the mount to get down the same way you came? I said no.

And that was the beginning of my Breakthrough long story made short 16 days after I found my wife, 9 months Later I asked the big question “will you like to spend the rest of you life with me?” Right in the OPEN and She said YES!

Today is our 2nd Year Anniversary

Today I can boldly declare I am Happily Married and we are growing stronger and better every day. Hey, Marriage is Good. I mean Very Very Good.

I am the dreamer who broke up with fear of Marital Commitment… Now I am Happily Married.

I am Hanniel Nwoji, a Serial Entrepreneur, A Husband | Father| a System Analyst by Training. Founder of Make Sense Connect (MSC), #WISELIVING, CEO Bayuhl Perhruhzim Limited. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Google+ and Instagram @drhanniel

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