How I did my Job instead of blaming Fear

You cannot blame fear if you loose out on the good things in life. Fear is just doing its job, ignore it and do yours.

When was the last time you saw a movie? Probably at least once in the last twenty four hours. Or maybe you’re watching one as you pretend to read this. Watching a movie is like going on a journey. You travel to space with Star Wars, to Hogwarts with Harry Potter, or just into the wedding experience of Dunni and Dozie with The Wedding Party, it’s all about the journey. (That’s why movies that take you nowhere suck). The thing about me is this, I love going on the journey just as much as the next man but I love being the driver.

I love to create stories that will keep you on your seat till the end, following me as I take you through curves and bends without ever wanting to get off the ride. I have done this for a few years now with my blogging at , some of you have been here for a few rides. But I wanted more, I wanted to do it with film. And just in case you didn’t know, blogging and filming are not the same.

Earlier this year (2017), I was blessed to be part of the Accelerate Filmmaker Project where I learnt filmmaking. I was even able to make a short film “BLACK” which premiered at the Africa International Film Festival, AFRIFF (Nov, 2017), but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to make an independent film.

It was titled ‘RIDICULOUS’. What a ridiculous title, right? It was going to be based on Daniel (Book of the Bible) Chapter 2 and Nebuchadnezzar’s ridiculous request. I had a wonderful script and now I needed to shoot.

This is where FEAR reared up its giant, not-so-beautiful head.

Making a film requires a lot.

You need actors, locations, equipment, a crew and of course money. There are no trees in Ilorin – where I currently reside – where you can pluck these things. I had three choices, give up on making the film, keep looking for that wonderful tree that grows everything I need, or just decide to do it.

Well, I’m writing this so you know which option I took.

First, I’m a Christian and I believe God to be source of everything I have or will ever need, so I took the project to him.

And then, I looked into my current network and looked for people who could come in as cast or crew for free or as little pay as possible. I didn’t even have to look far before I found great guys who stepped up. They saw the script and jumped on the gig immediately. I got a cinematographer who was my primary school classmate. He also dumped engineering for filmmaking, that was an extra bond right there. Very soon, I had my cast and crew.

Money! I think the only thing I will say here is this; I did not wait till I had enough money to start shooting. I fixed a date and we went on with the money we had at the time. If I waited to have the money in hand, we probably would still be waiting.

Shooting itself was another time of craziness. Do you know Murphy’s Law? That thing has some truth in it. We shot for three days and despite having a call time of 7am, we never started earlier than 12 pm every single day. I won’t bore you with the details but when you’re doing stuff, things will never go as planned. Never! I have two philosophies for this kind of situations.

  1. Don’t worry. If it is something you cannot control, then do the things you can and wait. Don’t get touchy or cranky, just relax. In fact, look for a reason to laugh.
  2. Believe that everything is working out for good. This is one of my major anchors in life. It may be because of my Christian faith but I genuinely believe this.

I shot the film, it is currently in post-production and I can’t wait to share it with everybody.

You cannot blame fear if you loose out on the good things in life. Fear is just doing its job, ignore it and do yours. Make magic consistently and you will soon find that fear is nothing to be afraid of, it is just one of the things you’ll meet on your way to success. The same goes for failure but that is story for another day.

I am a dreamer who broke up with fear, now I am living my dream. Let’s live our dreams together!

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