How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Thought Leadership

Many people have been opportune to serve their gift and talents to the world and in return, they have received a measure of value for their services. We have seen the rise of thought leaders and experts such as Leke Alder, Jimi Tewe, Tylor Ilori, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, Sam Obafemi, Dayo Samuel, John Obidi, LordJoshWrites etc.  They have become thought leaders and brands in their field.

With the emergence of the digital economy, access to information is now deregulated. New perspectives are been shared regarding different events and industry. By the click of a button, you can hold a conference that reaches over thousands and even millions of people.

Without attending the traditional educational systems, you can still access information on the internet and liberate yourself from the nation of illiteracy into a massive wealth of wisdom.

Whatever skill you have, whatever you have passion in or might have experienced; with deliberate commitment and discipline, you can build your platform; your personal brand and grow your influence as a thought Leader. It has become super easy and affordable to build a global brand if you are willing to work the process.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the five fundamental elements required to build your brand as a thought leader and help you grow your influence.

  1. Define your audience: Many people start out and try to do everything at once but the wisdom in building a brand is about being known for one thing and having the discipline to stay consistent while developing world class content. The best thing to do when starting out is to ask yourself who am I speaking to, what is his/her problem, what areas would he or she need me to address? Notice, I am addressing your community as a person. This helps you gain clarity as you picture the person and the corresponding need you want to address or problem you are seeking to solve. In internet marketing, it is called building an ideal client profile. I learnt that it is more effective to speak to 20 people who listen than to speak to 100,000 people who do not care about what you have to say. Focus on a topic, and after a while when you must have been seen as an expert, then you can introduce other areas into your platform. For instance. Tiger Woods is known for Golf, Michael Jordan is known with Basket Ball, The William Sisters are known for tennis; what will you be known for?
  2. Build your knowledge capital: This is very critical. It is what makes your content relevant. If you have a wealth of experience here, then you are set to make impact. On the other hand, you can interview experts in your area of focus or become a dedicated student to your topic. Attend seminars, read books and try to put to work all that you learn. The law of mastery states that if you spend 10,000 hours on a subject, you become a master at it. Focus on building great, quality and world class content.
  3. Craft your message: After having asked you to develop your knowledge capital, you might be wondering what I mean by asking you to craft your message. Here is what I mean, you need to make your story organic. Your life experience need to flow into it. For your message to gain credibility and ultimately make an impact, you need to back track into your past and tease out how your past experiences or a past research you carried out on your chosen subject which you eventually put to work in your life and how it produced results in your life. It could be a crisis you experienced and how you were able to come out of it. People want to see your life as a prototype of what you are teaching.
  4. Build a world class identity: Identity is key, it is what also sets you apart and make your brand visually stick in the minds of your community or network. Your identity has to express your values, name and what you stand for. I advise you to get a good brand consultant to walk you through this process.
  5. Strategically position and promote your content: Yes, you don’t just need to position and promote yourself, you need to strategically do that. You need a base on the “webosphere”; that is, your self-hosted domain website. You also need a couple of embassies on other social media platforms out there; twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc. They call it social media presence. These serves as points where your community can connect back to you through your website. After having a website, it is key to develop a plan for developing and publishing your content or how-to lessons etc. for your community. With a plan in place that you will commit to follow, your community is sure that at certain times, they will receive some insight, wisdom or how-to series from you. After a lot of people see your commitment over time, they begin to see you as a thought leader. Two other ways to strategically position yourself is to engage in interviewing brands in your field and by doing some sponsored posts on the social media.

I hope you learnt a couple of hacks that will accelerate the growth of your personal brand and thought leadership building process. I will like to hear from you. Leave a comment below.


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