How to Live an Organised Life Of High Performance

As a freshman in the university, I played with the idea that one can actually be jack of all trade and master of all. Before you judge me, just take the time to listen to my arrangement for a bit.

I was particularly inspired by the life of Alexandra the great and the likes. Alexandra the great was known to be a knowledgeable in law, medicine, a skilled warrior and leader. He conquered many nations before he passed on. This wonderful idea played in my mind, in a way to be sure I could pull this, I engaged some intelligent people who were seniors in an argument but I often proved to be right, maybe they had insufficient points to counter my argument. I finally had to restrain myself from writing a book on the topic as I thought I needed to do more research so I do not lead people astray.

The secret is in a planned, organized and well a managed life.

There are quite a lot of benefits of living a planned and well organized life such as; focus, speed, fulfillment and order, high self-esteem, confidence etc. The list could be endless. However, most people go through life with great dreams, hopes and aspiration who genuinely want to make a difference but they find themselves only dreaming but not waking up to do the work. It can be said that they have either been caught up in the seduction of procrastination and distraction due to lack of clarity, passion and desire or they lack the know how to go about their dream.


The downside of living an unplanned life is very heavy and is capable of literally drowning one in the pool of despair. This unplanned life has procrastination and indecision as her bride’s maid. They have both successfully lured many to the dungeon of regret.


In this present time where the world is moving quite fast, there seem to be many things that seeks one’s attention in the guise of quick and faster ways to getting result or deriving utility. So much information and advertising and social media. The smart phones are now smarter than the users. There are seemly advantageous devices and quick schemes though, if not well managed lead to a high level of distraction and ultimately procrastination. This order of operation has led many to sacrifice their inherent dreams and potentials on the altar of quick derived gratification.

  1. Be clear about what you want. If you don’t know where you are heading, anywhere will lead you there.

Know what you want and put in all you have to see that you get it or achieve your desire. Nobody ended up great without being deliberate and focused.

  1. Learn to say No!: If you are the kind of person that is too nice and always in a hurry to say yes to other people’s agenda then you will end up having too much on your plate without having to ever accomplish anything significant for yourself. You will always be feeling fatigued and stressed. Your creativity will be low and this could even lead to depression. If you must live an organised life and make significant impact in your ultimate life’s pursuit, then you must learn to often say no to activities that do not produce significant result in your life.

Personally, when I begin to feel like I am in over my head, I ask myself what are the activities that can go on without my involvement and still come out great; in other words, who can I delegate this activity to? If I find such on my list, I plug out my attention or delegate the task.

  1. Attack each day with a plan: I once saw a movie in the late 90s. A quote I took from the movie is this “Without a solid plan, you cannot wage a successful attack. With a failed attack, you are sure of no victory”. Attacking each day with a plan gives you confidence and structure to attack the day. I learnt a long time ago to ask myself; “what are the top 5 task must I accomplish before the day is over”? When I have that in place, I get clear on each step I need to take for each activity and put in all I can to accomplish my daily five.
  1. Practice the 80/20 Rule: To accomplish 80% results in any endeavour, you only need to put in your focus on the most important 20% activity. To get what you want in life, learn to identify the top 5 important activity and throw in your weight learning, executing and delivering world class results on those areas.

When you are clear about your expectations in life. When you learn to say no to less important task or delegate tasks that can tasks get done. When you learn to attack each day with a plan and practice the 80/20 rule, I can confidently tell you that you are well on a high way to living an organised life.


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