Most remarkable dreams always seem impossible at first, but through faith, courage, desire, and persistence we can birth the impossible.
Its often found that passion and enthusiasm to achieve the impossible declines after a few weeks due. Why do people feel this? This feeling can be attributed to lack of clarity. Clarity is sustained by a strong reason for doing the impossible. Simon Sinek made this clear in his book “Start with Why”
Apple; The Write Brothers; and Microsoft
All these guys have a strong “why”. What is yours?
In deed, when you attach a strong why to the dream you are chasing, you automatically conceive the required momentum to achieve your dream.
have you ever seen a young man probably in his twenty who was living an aimless life, but when he got married and had a baby he suddenly begins to put his act together. This is because he has told himself that he has to fend for his family. You can say that his “why” is his wife and kid. He gets up everyday with determination to give his family the best he can. His family has become the reason why he is so focused and determined.
I have been studying some of the models that helps to transform desires into results and I found this to be quite compelling.
Be warned that this is not a quick fix, there is much work to be done. But with consistency, perseverance and patience, the results are sure.
So what is the result-producing method that the great leaders such as Apple, the Wright brothers and Microsoft adopted?
This method can also help you build you desired empire, business, movement etc.
1. A CLEARLY defined WHAT and WHY: Yes you have that great idea, but why do you want to embark on it? How will it help the lives of the beneficiaries? Why do you want to embark on this adventure, is it worth your time or that of anybody? Have you ever wondered why a mother can challenge a scary animal to save her baby or why is it that when you are chased by a dog, you leap over a wall far taller than you? The mother has the courage to dare that animal because of the love for her child. You leap over walls because you value life more than death. You why brings your desire into reality. It serves as a catalyst for bringing your dreams to reality.
2. Make definite plans: Hope is not strategy. Beautiful dreams don’t fly on their own, they need the wings of definite plans to fly. What is your plan? when will you start/end. What resources do you need? Who can help you achieve your dreams. Get help! Your plan needs to reflects, the goal or what is to be achieved, the duration, the resources, the financial implication and the people needed too execute the plan.
3. Secure a winning team: Extraordinary achievement requires extraordinary team players. Set up a team that will help you achieve your dreams; team members who will be committed and not give up on you half way into the journey. Make sure to communicate how the dream will benefit them as well. This will motivate their commitment and dedication.
4. Action: Take massive determined ACTION. This is what bridges the gap between ambition and results. The time might never feel right. More work and their seemingly important and urgent nature will always come to distract you . But we all know that we will never have more than 24 hours in a day. Just move on and do something daily that moves you closer to your dream. You might have to start sleeping late or waking up earlier than other losers. Sorry, I meant other ordinary people. Take daily actions.
5. Persist with Faith. No great dream was ever accomplished without the ingredient of faith. The Bible defines faith as the substance (your desired result) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
With persistence and perseverance, the distance between you and your goal is shortened. Things will just begin to align to favour your course. Fuel your drive with the picture of your expectations; the joy you will experience when you accomplish your dream; the lives of those it will benefit including your team members. Learn to talk about your dream as though it will happen tomorrow. Be positive!
6. Results: “There it is !” What was once impossible will become possible to you as you move from 1 – 5. This is the reward for your labour.
I hope you found this insightful
Now who is ready to birth greatness?
Edward Enejoh
Leadership Coach, Brand Strategist and Digital Marketing Expert.

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