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On the 21st, July 2017 I started a tweetchat called #VantagePoint. I decided to convert the session into a blog for those who missed the tweet session and desire a smooth read. I am so excited to have you join the conversation. I promise, it will open your mind to limitless possibilities within your reach. Before we go into the main conversation for the day, let me let you in on why I started.

Why I Started #VantagePont

We live in the best times, yet it is also one of the most dangerous times in history. We are in a time of limitless opportunities; we have an abundance of what it takes to live Extraordinary lives, On the flip side is also the abundant opportunity to live a mediocrity. So much information shielded by the vampires of fear, doubt and the deadly venom of distraction. Information obesity is not wisdom; Knowledge without implementation does not equal intelligence. #Vantagepoint seeks to build a generation with strategic principles to help us break free from the gravity of fear, doubt, and mediocrity. #VantagePoint focuses on leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship and Career development. #Vantagepoint is a bi-monthly tweetChat; You can join the conversation; ask question or contribute using the hashtag #Vantagepoint.
As you partake in each TweetChat, you will experience unprecedented advancement and extraordinary result across all areas of your life.
I am @EdwardEnejoh, my friends call me #theLeadershipAlchemist. I am your humble host of #Vantagepoint.

The Main Conversation

Let’s get into the conversation for today as we learn how to Live an intentional life. When you saw the caption living intentional, what came to your mind? #VantagePoint.
The word intentional is an adjective meaning deliberate; something done on purpose, not by accident. Other words used to define the word intentional include; planned, intended, premeditated, calculated. So, we can say to live intentional means living a deliberate or calculated life. Are you living an intentional life.
It was Albert Schweitzer who said, that the opposite of courage is not fear; it’s conformity. People act like others without knowing why
My first question to you today is that, are you living the life of your intention or you are just moving with the flow or trend of the society?
Let me ask you another question; if you live near a restaurant that serves a crappy menu? Do you go and use their services because it’s close to your house? No! You go where they serve your favourite dish no matter how far the place is. Why do people choose to study courses that they are not passionate about, work in places that do not align with their dream/personality. Why do you go on a date with someone so they do not feel bad or because your friend talked you into it?
You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life. To live a fulfilled life, U must be decisive & venture on a course that align with ur inner-self; dreams, desire, beliefs.
Doing otherwise is a sign of weakness and lack of self-belief. Why we have organisations with poor personels rendering poor services is because they are filled with people operating below their potential. Maybe they are in the wrong job because they failed to deliberately pay the price for their dreams. So they take it out on clients
I once read a quote on @adekunleth time line that said if life gives you a lemon, don’t make lemonade out of it; throw it back and demand for an apple or something better.
It takes being deliberate, decisive and intentional about knowing what you want to do that. To live a fulfilled life, choose not to settle for less than the best.
Some sadist are suffering from the outcome of poor decisions they made in the past that is making them miss out in life; Its not too late to turn a new leaf and start living a happy and fulfilled life; Its is not too late to start living an intentional life. Those regarded as successful people are not living such lives because they are special; they have only practiced some set of principles over time that produced the life they now enjoy. The hard part is the patience to stay the path until success is manifest. Such patience is what this generation lacks. So how does someone live an intentional life? I will like to share five essential keys to help you live an intentional life.

Four Ways to Live an Intentional Life

1. Know yourself and know what you want.

The one question everyone asks themselves today regardless of race or religion is “who am I?” It was Albert Einstein who said when a fish judges itself by its ability to climb a tree, it spends the rest of its life thinking its stupid. There is a habitat that you are naturally meant to thrive in; it is your duty to figure it out and decide the specific mark you want to make there. The set-up for your desired future is in your make up; align with your true north. The life you live today is the product of your decision yesterday. have you taken the time to decide the future you want?

2. Set Goals that Challenge you.

A ship that is set on a sail without a destination often time end up ship-wrecked or lost. Dreams remain fuzzy without clear goals, not just goals but goals that challenge you. Great and successful people have goals. To be intentional, you need to set daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals.

3. Crystallise the “why” behind any venture you embark on.

 @SimonSinek wrote a book called start with why. If you do not know why you are pursuing your dream, it becomes a drag & you will lose the momentum to follow through.

4. Model Powerful Habits.

I learnt a long time ago that success leaves trail. Anything you desire to accomplish, there is someone who has done it before; find that person/people and follow their path. Masters of their craft have a set of principles they practice; your goal is to find the ones peculiar to you and model them. Intentional people have a set of habits that they model; if you call yourself an intentional person, where are the habit you modeling?

5. Intensity and Focus.

Intentional people are focused people. In our world of so much information, only those who have disciplined themselves to master the art of focus are the ones that standout. Momentum is sustained via focused intensity over a period of time.
Are there ways you have displayed intentional living? I will like to know, share in the comment below.
Thanks for reading.

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