In Nigeria today, when it comes to the matters of Politics and the Economy, many seem to point their fingers at corruption, political gimmicks and ethnic differences as the bedrock of the state we find the nation. Well, like a coin that has two sides, you can either choose the head or the tail. In this case, the head being the Re-constructors Camp; a people with the belief that good can come out of Nigeria, a people who will get up and do what it takes to build Nigeria to be the vibrant Nation that it was made to be. The tail which is the complainant’s camp; they whine and talk about the problem and how things are not done right. I choose the head, and if you are reading this piece, I believe we are in the same camp.

So why is it that despite the insurgence, massive unemployment and prevailing corrupt practices, I still choose to see the glass half filled or rather speak with certainty that the giant of Africa is capable of being the destination of the world when it comes to stable economic policy, technology and development. If this is capable of existing beyond a dream, why is it not tangible in present times? Someone might be asking, so is Edward implying that building an ARK like that of Noah is what will save Nigeria from drowning in the pool of despair?

To answer the above question along with your unvoiced ones, let me take you back to my first history class. The Teachers said to me (or rather to us because I was not the only in that class) that History can be defined as the study of the past and the present in order to determine the future. Interesting isn’t it? So on this premise, I was thinking about the state of the Nation; why is our economy like this? what might have caused it, did our fathers not completely fight for our independence? or is Lord Lurgard’s glue not strong enough to hold the North and Southern Nigeria as one; or is it our multi ethnicity that makes us selfishly thrive for power; can it be religion; or education? My curious mind made me look into similar Nations with multi ethnic groups and massive population and similar impedance of corruption, but I noticed one thing they possessed that made them stay afloat. It is this Ark.

In-spite of America’s multi ethnicity, yet they are called the United States of America; the world power. The religion of United Arab Emirate has not hindered her from being the world’s choice-place for tourism. The product of my contemplation bears that these Nations have this ARK. Clarity of vision, truth, goodwill and a heart which considers the well-being of the common man and even more, all these constitutes the make-up of this ARK. This ARK means an Act of Random Kindness. Yes, there you have it, an ARK is what Nigeria needs to create the future. The future of growth and development where selfishness, tribalism and religion will not hinder the truth and common good for all. A future where everyone sees it as a personal responsibility to develop the nation by focusing on their field and doing excellently well that which is needful.

Building this ARK for Nigeria starts with you, it is not cheap talk, it is hard work that can be smartly done. Wouldn’t you rather join the re-constructors camp and let us build the future, because really the future is now, you’re either in or out. If you are still on the complainants camp, leave now and join the re-constructors camp. Oh sorry, I forgot you already did, you did when you started reading this piece. Together we shall build the future we desire.

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My name is Edward Enejoh. I am a Leadership Alchemist and Digital Strategist. I inspire and educate individuals and business owners on how to succeed in life and thrive in a digital world. I believe there is a leader in you; allow me to help you make a difference to your world, gain relevance and grow your influence

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