Why people fail to achieve their Goals

At the beginning of the year we write down great dreams and aspirations. Some of them might include; get another degree, get a new job, make our first million in our business, get married etc.

Often times, when we arrive at the end of the year many people realise that it is easier to write those goals than accomplishing them. It has been found that only 8 percent of those who set New Year’s Resolutions actually achieve them. There are several reasons to why people fail to achieve their goals. In this post, I shall be addressing four critical reasons why it is so.

  1. Chasing goals without having a strong “WHY”: When we are setting out to accomplish a certain goal, it is necessary to connect to the goal at a deeper level. We need to cultivate the inner drive required for the realization of our goal. Our focus should not be on the pride of accomplishing the goal. Many fail to accomplish their goals because their goals lack this single element. They set goals that they do not connect with at a deeper level. Having to ask yourself why you want to accomplish a certain goal helps you to gain a deeper connection to our goals. You should ask yourself; what are three to five reasons why I want to achieve this goal? As you begin to write the reason why, you gain a deeper connection with your goal. Another way to connect to your goal is to clarify what you will lose if you do not accomplish this goal. When we establish a strong reason why we need to accomplish certain goals in our lives, we gain a deeper connection with our goals and we eventually find ourselves following through to the accomplishment of them.


  1. Having goals without timelines: A long time ago, I learnt that whatever gets scheduled gets done. Having to set a deadline to a goal sets us on our toes. We know we have to accomplish the goal before a certain date. It is like racing against time. Having a goal with timelines conditions our minds to demand effort from our inner most being so we can concentrate towards accomplishing our goals. A reason why soccer is interesting to watch is that both teams have a total time of 90 minutes to determine who the winner of the match will be and by the number of goals scored. Without the time duration, it would be tiring and boring. Having to set a timeline to your goal is a fantastic way to push yourself beyond the limit.


  1. Feeding your distraction: Every goal needs a new set of habits in order to accomplish them. But often times when many people set goals, they fail to build the corresponding habits required for the accomplishment of their goals. They still indulge in time waiting activities that take their focus and heart away from working towards their goals. I learnt a long time ago that when you want to build a habit for a goal, you should first build a stop doing list. We all have twenty four hours in a day, imagine combining the new sets of activities required to accomplish a goal with your previous unproductive habits; the end result will only lead to frustration. Stop feeding those distractions; movies, mindless chatting/conversations, surfing the internet etc. To accomplish your goals, you must first disengage from unproductive activities and cultivate a new set of habits and stick to them.


  1. Not equipping yourself with adequate resources: If you put the world best tennis player in a competition with the best golf player on a golf filed. You can be sure that the best tennis player will most likely lose the game. When we set out on a goal without adequately equipping ourselves with the right resources; be it skills, time, money or human resources, we have already set out to fail in the accomplishment of the goal. You cannot build a house without having to understand the basic principles of building or even as small as laying a good foundation. I have found that why most people fail to accomplish their goals is that, they have not equipped themselves with the right resources or basic understanding of the know-how required to accomplish their goals. To learn to play the guitar, you first need the guitar, a teacher or video tutorial, you need to schedule time for practice and also a set period for the practice. If have set some goals, I advise you to ask yourself what are three to five things I need to accomplish this goal.

With clarity of a goal comes speed for acceleration towards accomplishment.

When you strategically overcome the barriers holding you from accomplishing your goals, you find that the goals were actually not difficult to accomplish in the first place. If you have failed in trying to accomplish anything in the past, I welcome you to consider the reasons why you could not accomplish them and if you can, do the opposite and watch yourself soar into reals of accomplishments.

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